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This is the full verbal transcript of Knack II.


Lucas (narrating): This is my world. The only one I've ever known. Looks pretty good, right? That's because I helped save it once. Well, Knack and I saved it. Knack is my... Maybe I should start at the beginning.

Lucas (narrating): My name is Lucas, and this is my home. A beautiful place covered in mysterious relics. Most think they're the remnants of a long lost civilization. They're kinda important, mostly because they power, like, anything. A friend of mine, The Doctor, spent his whole life studying them. Learning their secrets. And one day, he discovered how to connect them. To bring them life. To create... Knack. And Knack... he can do anything.

Lucas (narrating): Like I said, together we saved the world. And for a long time after, our capital city of Newhaven thrived. But now... it's being attacked.

Lucas: I just can't help but think... it's all my fault. What have I done?

Knack: Get down!

Knack: We'll set this right, Lucas. Beginning NOW.

Chapter 1

The Invasion

(During gameplay.)

PA: The city is under attack by unidentified forces.

PA: All civilians are to take shelter immediately.

Knack: Why, hello there!

(After defeating an Ancient Weapon.)

Knack: Hmmm... I got it!

[Six Months Earlier]

Ryder: Is this the place, Lucas?

Lucas: Yeah. Just up ahead!

Ryder: Alright. Sit tight. I'll take her down.

Lucas: You about ready yet, Knack?

Ryder: Any reason why you brought me here for our Sunday hike?

Lucas: Yeah, but if I tell you, it'll ruin the surprise.

Ryder: Ooh, well... I wouldn't want that to happen!

Lucas: Seriously Knack, kick it into gear!

Ryder: I'm just happy I get to spend some time with my favorite nephew!

Lucas: Don't you mean your only nephew?

Ryder: Well, that too...

Lucas: Come on, Knack!

Knack: It's about time. Let's get this day started.

Chapter 2

The Adventure Begins

(During gameplay.)

Ryder: Fresh air and exercise... What could be better.

Lucas: Should be fun!

Villager: Hello! Nice weather, isn't it?

Ryder: That breeze sure feels nice.

Lucas: Yeah, it's a perfect day!

Lucas: Whaddya think is up with all the waterwheels?

Ryder: Hydro-electricity. Those waterwheels power the whole area.

Villager 2: Enjoy your hike!

Ryder: You really came here all by yourself?

Lucas: Think of me as a fellow adventurer.

(Upon approaching goblins.)

Knack: Both of you, stand back!

Lucas: Those goblins are everywhere.

Ryder: No kidding... As soon as you get out of the city, there they are.

Lucas: Show 'em whose boss, Knack!

(When going up an elevator.)

Knack: Why no doctor today. He said he'd join us.

Ryder: Something came up. He wouldn't say what it was.

Lucas: Betcha the Doctor just wanted to skip all the climbing.

Ryder: Probably.

Lucas: Watch your step Knack, it's a long way down!

Ryder: Coooold!

(Upon reaching the forest.)

Lucas: And now through the goblin infested forest.

Ryder: A great explorer like me would expect nothing less. Carry on.

Knack: Lucas, Ryder. See these blue crystals? Check this out!

Lucas: Sweet!

Through the Forest

(During gameplay.)

Ryder: We run into some goblins, Lucas, they're all yours.

Lucas: Yeah... I'll show Knack some new moves!

Ryder: From the shape, it looks like High Goblin ruins to me.

Lucas: High Goblins? Different from the ones we usually run into?

Ryder: Oh, very. They're long gone now though.

Ryder: You uncle has only one fear, bees.

Lucas: I know you have others.

Ryder: Looks like a rock fell from higher up. How do we get past it...?

(Moving the rock)

Lucas: You got this, Knack!

Lucas: Show us how it's done.

(During gameplay.)

Lucas: Good going, Knack!

Ryder: Such power!

Lucas: So you've really never been here before?

Ryder: Hard to believe, huh? But it's true.

Ryder: We can't go further without opening this gate...

Lucas: You're up again, Knack!

Lucas: Wait up, Knack!

(When reaching some pyramids.)

Lucas: I'm glad we're finally out of the woods.

Ryder: Hmm... Goblin pyramids. Is that what you wanted to show me?

Lucas: That's part of it. Come on!

Into the Ruins

(During gameplay.)

Ryder: Well, let's get going then.

Ryder: Must be nice to be able to change size like that...

Lucas: Be careful in there!

Lucas: Don't forget your parts!

Ryder: These old ruins are riddled with puzzles and traps.

Lucas: Strange... the doors were all open last time.

Ryder: Huh. Interesting...

Ryder: Those puzzles were no match for our wits.

Lucas: Our wits? Knack was the one that solved it.

Lucas: Get him, Knack!

Ryder: Watch out! There's more of them!

Ryder: Most impressive.

(When getting to the mud.)

Ryder: It can't be.

Lucas: Can't be what, Uncle?

Ryder: If that's what I think it is, it could be a significant archeological find.

Lucas: ...if you could get it out of the mud, that is.

Knack: Maybe I can help with that. You boys sit tight.

(During gameplay.)

Lucas: Is the statue really that special?

Ryder: Can't be sure yet...

Ryder: I'm counting on you, Knack!

(When grabbing the vine)

Ryder: Good job, Knack! Keep it going!

Lucas: Just a little more!

Lucas: Try the chain!

(After raising the statue.)

Knack: That'll do it.

Ryder: They said it would never be found.

Lucas: What?

Ryder: What you're looking at is a monument to one of our earliest victories in the Crystal Wars.

Lucas: Who's the caveman?

Ryder: Marius. He's known as a great hero.

Lucas: He's so fierce.

Ryder: Fierce enough to beat the High Goblins and their robot warriors.

Knack: High Goblins, huh?

Ryder: The High Goblins are a different bunch from Gundahar and his kind.

Lucas: How come I've never heard of them?

Ryder: I guess they don't teach that side of the story anymore. The High Goblins haven't been seen since the wars. Amazing.

Lucas: Oh, there's more "amazing" up ahead. Come on!

Ryder: I wouldn't miss it for the world.

A Forgotten Place

(During gameplay.)

Lucas: So that statue of Marius was a major find, huh?

Ryder: Indubitably. I can't wait to tell my archeologist friends about it!

Lucas: Watch your head, buddy!

(When arriving at a tunnel.)

Lucas: Finally. It's just through here!

Knack: Explorers first.

Lucas: Surprise! It's cool, isn't it?

Lucas: What's wrong?

Ryder: It's a battlefield, Lucas.

Lucas: Yeah, from like... 2 billion years ago.

Knack: I'm with your uncle on this one.

Lucas: Oh, will you two come on! They probably haven't moved since the rock war...

Ryder: Crystal War.

Lucas: Whatever.

Knack: Maybe he's right. These things are dead as doornails.

Ryder: These doornails were once the vanguard of the goblin army.

Knack: Were.

Ryder: I guess.

Lucas: Cool.

Lucas: Still cool but... Knack!

(During gameplay.)

Ryder: When you said "come out for a hike," I didn't think we'd be fighting killer attack robots.

Lucas: Sorry... That was definitely not part of the plan.

Lucas: What's waking them up?

Ryder: No idea...

Lucas: Knack, look out! There's more coming!

Lucas: It's starting again!

Ryder: Just a few left!

Lucas: You can do it, Knack!

(After defeating the waking robots.)

Lucas: Knack! This way!

(During gameplay.)

Ryder: They're shooting at us!

Lucas: RUUUNN!

Lucas: (panting) Knack, can you get that rock?

(Interacting with the rock)

Ryder: That's it - keep going! You've almost got it!

(During gameplay.)

Lucas: Ahh... That should do it...

Ryder: Yeah, no way they can follow us now.

Lucas: Look out -- here they come again!

(When heading down.)

Ryder: Come on up!

(During gameplay.)

Lucas: Thanks for the save.

Lucas: Incoming!

Lucas: You go on ahead, Knack!

Ryder: See you at the bottom!

Lucas: C'mon, Knack! Just a few more.

(After defeating all the robots.)

Knack: The vanguard of the goblin army? Seriously?

Ryder: Are you sure you didn't do anything to the robots, Lucas?

Knack: Maybe flip a switch or something?

Lucas: I didn't do anything. You saw them... They just came to life!

Ryder: Most peculiar. Let's call the Doctor once we get airborne.

Ryder: Doctor, wait till I tell you what we ran into.

Doctor: Angry robots, by any chance?

Lucas: Yeah. Giant-angry-zombie robots!

Doctor: One step behind again, Lucas. That's yesterday's news. It's happening all over. I'm headed up to the monastery at Norcliff - you can meet me there.

Ryder: Roger that, Doc.

[Norcliff Monastery]

Doctor: Ha ha... Ryder! Well, well, well. Quite an exciting morning you've had!

Ryder: Indeed it was, Doctor.

Lucas: What's going on?

Doctor Vargas: We're not exactly sure, but the, uh, the monks have a few ideas. How's life in the big city, boys?

Knack: I'm doing great. He's... Ah...

Lucas: Don't listen to him... We're fine.

Charlotte: We do miss you, boys.

Doctor: Lucas, are you sure you're okay? Charlotte worries.

Lucas: We're fine. Honest.

Xander: We have more preparations to make, but I'm happy so far with your work. Very good, you're dismissed.

Xander: Thank goodness.

Doctor: Xander, I'd like you to meet...

Xander: Lucas, and Knack. Thank you so much for coming! I'm Xander. I oversee the order of monks here at the monastery. This is Ava, our youth leader.

Ava: It's an honor to finally meet you. We've heard great stories about your achievements.

Lucas: It's all in a days work, really.

Xander: I fear we have more work ahead. As you already know, the robots from the Crystal Wars are rising.

Lucas: I'm sorry, I don't know much about this Crystal War. Or the monks for that matter.

Xander: It's true, my order is not the leaders of mankind, as we once were...

Ava: Perhaps I can explain the Crystals Wars. It's easy to think of the goblins as primitive creatures that live in the wilderness.

Lucas: And smelly. Don't forget smelly.

Ava: ...But the truth is as the time of the Crystal Wars, the goblins had a highly developed civilization. They were known then as the High Goblins, a proud and cruel race, always at war with humankind over the resources they prized most - crystals. A potent energy source that could be found only in the human territories. The High Goblin leader, a master engineer by the name of Yurick, created an army of warrior robots to solve the human problem once and for all. These robots are what we now call the Ancient Weapons. The humans of that time - our primitive ancestors - were taken completely by surprise at the appearance of Yurick and his army. The High Goblin empire expanded rapidly as their forces rampaged across the country, bringing destruction and death. It was a dark time, and we might not have survived... but a hero emerged. Our founder, Marius. To Yurick's surprise, the strength of the robots was outmatched by Marius's ingenuity. Armed with only rocks, vines, traps, and raw cunning, Marius and his troops were able to defeat high-tech weaponry ten times their size. He led his people to victory that day and for many more to come. The shells of their robot foes littered the landscape, as a reminder to all that might oppose them.

Lucas: That's amazing.

Ava: But somehow, two centuries later, these ancient robots are coming back to life.

Xander: We need to stop these weapons and discover who is behind this.

Lucas: We're in.

Doctor: Now do you two understand what you're getting into? This isn't your typical Sunday hike.

Lucas: We can handle it... right Knack? Knack?

Doctor: Are those...?

Doctor: How can it be?

Xander: You are not the only one who can create life from relics, Doctor.

Lucas: Knack, we have work to do. You can check out your cousins later. So, where do we begin?

Xander: There is a nearby mountain pass where my ancestors stopped the Ancient Weapons. They have begun to stir again.

Knack: We'd best take a look.

Lucas: Like, right now.

Xander: it's too late in the day to cross the mountain pass. Ava will take you there in the morning.

Ava: There are other things we can do until we depart.

Knack: What do you have in mind?

Ava: Here at the Monastery, we celebrate the martial arts above all else.

Xander: Begin!

Chapter 3

Running the Gauntlet

(During gameplay.)

Lucas: Go, Knack!

Xander: Magnificent!

Ava: Well done, Knack! Your challenge continues outside.

Ava: Welcome to the true test of strength.

Xander: Next you will face my creations.

(After getting knocked down.)

Ava: It's hard to believe you saved the world... all you know are three punches and a kick!

Lucas: He can jump, too!

Knack: Hey!

Ava: You're a good fighter, but to be a great warrior, you need to know more.

Ava: This is Relic Energy. It's the same force that binds your body together. Now, focus and attack!

(During gameplay.)

Ava: The Heavy Punch can even break rocks... use it wisely!

Ava: Most impressive, Knack! Of all that have faced our warriors... you are by far the strongest.

Ryder: Go go go!

Lucas: Show 'em what you're made of!

Xander: Prepare for the final challenge.

(After completing the challenges.)

Ryder: Yeah!

Lucas: Alright, Knack!

Charlotte: Now remember it's dangerous up there.

Lucas: I know.

Charlotte: So you must promise to be careful...

Lucas: I... I promise!

Doctor: Just listen to her Lucas, she's right.

Charlotte: Are you sure you're warm enough, dear?

Lucas: I'm good.

Doctor: Ava's pretty. Try not to let that distract you.

Lucas: Seriously, I'll be fine.

Doctor: Well, good luck, my boy. While you're off on your, uh, little expedition, I'll speak with Xander about the awakenings. See if he and I can't...

Charlotte: ...perhaps we can find a pattern to them.

Through the Mountain

(During gameplay.)

Lucas: I wish they'd stop treating me like a child already.

Ava: They care about you.

Lucas: I know, but...

Ava: Must have been the goblins.

Lucas: They just love to break things, don't they?

Lucas: It's a landslide. We'll need to find a way around.

Ava: Think we can squeeze through here?

Lucas: Narrow... but it should work.

Ava: The entrance to our mines is up ahead.

Garrett: Greetings, youth leader.

Ava: Greetings, Garrett.

Garrett: Be careful in there. Goblin sightings are on the rise.

(When inside the mine.)

Lucas: Through here, huh?

Ava: Yes, the old battlefield is on the other side of this mine.

Lucas: It's so...abandoned.

Ava: Xander shut it down years ago.

(During gameplay.)

Ava: He believes little can be achieved with metal weapons.

Lucas: I don't know... They sure come in handy when you're fighting goblins.

Lucas: Seems like we need some kind of weight to open this gate.

Ava: We were trying to keep the goblins out... Doesn't seem to be working, does it?

Lucas: There're relics all over this place.

Lucas: That'll do it!

(When absorbing metal.)

Ava: Wow. I'm impressed!

Lucas: It's a little trick I taught him.

(During gameplay.)

Lucas: Looking sharp, Knack!

Lucas: Knack! Over here!

(Outside of the mine.)

Lucas: Whoa... It's so cold up here. Shoulda listened to Charlotte!

Ava: It's just a bit further, Lucas. You'll be fine.

Knack: Come on, guys!

The Frozen Mine

(During gameplay.)

Ava: That's strange. The machinery is operating. How odd...

Adrian: The goblins have started the machinery again. It is most dangerous.

Ava: Thank you, Adrian. We'll be careful.

Lucas: Try the door now!

Lucas: Lookin' good.

Lucas: Keep it up, Knack!

Ava: So strong...

Lucas: That's Knack for you!

(When absorbing icicles.)

Knack: Ice is nice!

(During gameplay.)

Lucas: Cool look!

Ava: We're getting close now. Just a little bit further.

Knack: Thanks guys.

The Scars of War

(During gameplay.)

Monk: Youth leader, we have been waiting for you. The place you seek is up ahead.

Ava: Thank you, brother.

Ava: There's the battlefield. See the old cannons?

Lucas: What I see is snow and rust. Think we'll find anything?

Ava: Let's get over there and see.

(At the battlefield.)

Knack: Hmmm. I wonder what's triggering them?

Lucas: I don't know, but I bet we can find out.

Lucas: Uh... Knack?

Knack: Uh... What? It's behind me, isn't it?

(During gameplay.)

Lucas: It's huge!

Ava: Analyze its movement! Time your attacks carefully.

Lucas: Not now, Knack!

Ava: You have to wait until the energy wear off!

Lucas: They're all waking up now... What's going on?

Lucas: The robots are just ignoring Knack... Where are they going?

Ava: I have a bad feeling about this.

Lucas: Knack, quickly!

Lucas: Ava, are there people around here?

Ava: There's a small village up ahead... Oh no!

(When a distance from the village.)

Lucas: They're attacking the village. Knack, you've gotta hurry!

(After defeating robots.)

Ava: It's worse than we feared.

Ava: Do you still want to help us?

Lucas and Knack: Definitely.

Doctor: 200 year old robots don't just come back to life! Any energy source would be dead by now.

Charlotte: I know it defies logic, but there has got to be a reason! We are both experienced engineers. We can work this out.

Knack: You okay?

Lucas: Yeah. I'm okay. I just can't get those poor people from the village out of my mind. I wish we could figure this out.

Knack: The Doctor and Charlotte don't seem to be having any luck, either. And with the number of robots they've built, you'd think it would some kind of sense to them.

Lucas: Yeah, but they didn't make these robots.

Knack: No. That was that goblin, Yurick.

Lucas: Right. Ava, do you know where Yurick actually created these weapons?

Ava: It was in the High Goblin city of Targun... no one knows where that is.

Lucas: There is one person who can find anything and can give us a lift.

Ryder: Those guys could use some cooler heads.

Ryder: What?

Lucas: As my favorite uncle...

Ryder: Uh, your only uncle?

Lucas: Sure, sure, but um...

Ryder: Stop. Whatever it is... I'm in.

Lucas: And that's why you're my favorite uncle.

Ryder: Yeah, yeah, I know.

Ava: Wait for me!

[Targun Ruins]

Ryder: This is the closest we could land. We'll have to do the last bit on foot.

Lucas: It's so hot. Why would the High Goblins choose a desert as a place to build their city?

Ryder: It wasn't always a desert. Come on, guys!

Chapter 4

Ancient City of the Sands

(During gameplay.)

Lucas: This heat is ridiculous.

Ryder: We're in the desert. It's supposed to be hot.

Lucas: I... I'm shriveling up.

Ava: You just need more training.

Lucas: Nice one, Knack. Let's use this to climb up.

Ryder: A huge river used to flow through this area. Then the wars between the High Goblins and the humans began...

Ava: I've heard about that... The river got dammed up...

Ryder: Yup, and now this place is dry as a bone.

Ryder: Strike!

(Once at the city.)

Ryder: There it is.

Ava: ...The High Goblin city of Targun.

Ryder: It's gonna be tricky getting in. The bridge is out.

Knack: It's not out... it's just up. I can make this work.

(At a wall.)

Knack: I'm not getting up that way. What to do... Ah, got it!

Within the Walls

(During gameplay.)

Knack: Let's find out what's inside...

(After moving first gear.)

Knack: One gear moved into place...

(After moving second gear.)

Knack: That's two...

(After moving last gear.)

Knack: That should do it!

(After lowering the bridge.)

Lucas: Finally!

(During gameplay.)

Lucas: What a city!

Ryder: ...and somewhere in there is where Yurick created the Ancient Weapons. This could take a while.

Ava: That big pyramid looks promising.

Lucas: Let's check it out.

Lucas: I can't believe goblins built all of this.

Ryder: It was High Goblins, Lucas. Very different from the ones you find prowling in the wilderness.

(Deep in the pyramid.)

Lucas: Check out the lights.

Ava: Do you think anyone's down there?

Ryder: It's been 200 years. If there is something down there, let's hope it's on our side.

Deep Storage

(During gameplay.)

Lucas: What is this place?

Ryder: Looks like a warehouse of some kind... Not quite what we're searching for.

Lucas: Metal's a good look for you, buddy!

Ava: So many crates!

Lucas: Yeah... but what's in them, that's the question.

Ryder: Most ingenious, Knack!

Lucas: So, what do the High Goblins look like?

Ryder: Well, they are said to have had markings on their faces.

Lucas: Huh... Maybe we'll find a mummy or something.

(After pulling the switch.)

Lucas: You did it! The power's back on. Thanks, Knack!

Ava: Look out!

(During gameplay.)

Lucas: So that's what's in the crates... yikes!

Ava: The Ancient Weapons here are all in mint condition.

Lucas: Yeah... Shiny as the day they were made.

Ryder: I'm guessing all these robots were being stockpiled for the war.

Lucas: You think maybe they were built near here?

Lucas: Hey Uncle, how did you find this place?

Ryder: Oh, from the name Targun... it means "large river" in the High Goblin language.

Ava: Ryder... I'm impressed.

Lucas: Time to do your thing, pal!

Lucas: Give it all you've got, Knack! You can do this!

(After opening the door.)

Lucas: Looks like we're not going that way.

Knack: Might be possible. Gonna have to do something about those laser beams, though.

(During gameplay.)

Ava: Where's he off to?

Lucas: We'll find out soon enough...

(Upon reaching the clear crystal.)

Knack: Stealth Knack is back! Awesome!

(After going into the duct.)

Lucas: Stealth Knack! Awesome!

Ava: Clear crystal? I like the look, but what can it do?

Lucas: Take it away, Knack!

Ava: Amazing!

Knack: Why, thank you.

Lucas: Now, this is more like it.

Ava: Definitely got that mad scientist feel.

Knack: Yeah, and well defended too.

Lucas: Look up, Knack! There's your weak point.

Yurick's Laboratory

(During gameplay.)

Ryder: Looks like we found it! Yurick's secret... something.

Lucas: We gotta get through that energy barrier.

Lucas: Time to find out what's inside.

Ryder: I never get tired of watching him do that.

Lucas: Just a little more!

(When inside the lab.)

Knack: I bet Yurick's fingerprints are all over this place.

Lucas: Let's see what we can find.

Lucas: Yurick cleaned out the place pretty good when he left for... wherever.

Ryder: Yeah, just bits and scraps. Ah. Behold! A map of the High Goblin empire. Or should I say, half a map. What about you guys?

Lucas: It seems the robots were designed for remote activation and control. It's actually pretty cool.

Ava: It is cool but I'm not surprised. Lucas, remember when I told you how Marius defeated the goblin armies?

Lucas: Uh huh.

Ava: Well, that victory was short lived. Humiliated by defeat, Yurick returned to his lab and concieved a new plan. He designed a Control Center from which to coordinate and command his forces... as well as created weapons so powerful that no human could ever stop them. The largest of these weapons were called the Titans. In the final battle, Marius led the remnants of the human armies against the goblins. The Titans were mighty foes, and it seemed as if this would be the end for the humans. But in fact, Marius was creating a diversion. While he dueled against the Titans... his strike team infiltrated the Control Center. Marius's hand picked warriors fought their way past formidable defenses and to its very heart. At the height of the battle, mere moments before the last of the human army was to be slaughtered... the strike team disabled the Control Center, and the Ancient Weapons froze, never to move again. Without the Titans, the High Goblins were quickly defeated. This time, our founder knew there could be no mercy. Those few goblins that survived were cast into the wilderness... And Marius took his place in history as the greatest of leaders.

Lucas: Wow. Do you think someone found the Control Center and is reactivating the robots from there?

Ava: Maybe, but no one knows where the Control Center is.

Knack: Including us.

Lucas: We've run out of clues here. What now?

Knack: If it's old stuff you want, remember that place in Atheneum?

Lucas: Yeah, the museum. We delivered all of the Doctor's early prototypes there... Good idea, Knack.

Ryder: That was Xander - he says the goblins have just attacked a human city.

Lucas: Atheneum, by any chance?

Ryder: Yes... how did you...?

Lucas: We have a theory...

Knack: It's more of a hypothesis, really.

Lucas: Either way... we should go.

[City of Atheneum]

Ryder: There's the city. I'll drop in for a better look.

Lucas: Yikes! Goblins galore.

Ava: They've got Ancient Weapons too. This is not good.

Ryder: Worse... they must have found the Control Center.

Lucas: Oh... the monks are getting ready for battle!

Ava: We need to talk to Xander.

Xander: Friends, so glad for your help. Ava, I wish you had told me you were going with our new friends.

Ava: I wish you had told me you were sending my brothers to battle. Our way is to seek peace...

Xander: I am quite aware of the Way of the Monk. Ava, you are a good leader, but you are young and perhaps I've sheltered you too much.

Ava: I...

Xander: The path of peace is an ideal we respect, but when we are threatened in this flawed world, we must fight.

Ava: Isn't there a better way?

Xander: You will find that there is not.

Ryder: Xander. We have to get to the museum to find out more information, but the city is crawling with goblins.

Xander: You'll find the museum a bit north of here. Garrett, Hale - create a diversion to keep the goblins away from them.

Lucas: Thank you, Xander. Come on, Knack.

Xander: If you feel the need to go with them, then go. And Ava. Be careful?

Ava: I'll return as soon as I can.

Chapter 5

Goblin Attack!

(During gameplay.)

Lucas: Looks like we had the same idea as the goblins...

Ryder: Hmm... Why are they in Atheneum anyway...?

Ava: Look! My brothers are clearing a path for us.

Lucas: Goblins can use guns now?!

Ryder: Where did they get those from?

Citizen: Help us!

Citizen: That's the way to do it!

Citizen: Save us!

Citizen: Go Knack!

Citizen: Thank you, Knack!

Citizen: Knack!

Citizen: Where did the goblins get all those weapons from?

Citizen: Good going, Knack!

Lucas: It's the clock tower.

Ryder: I believe the museum is a little bit further on.

Lucas: That's how I remember it. Here's hoping we'll find a clue of some sort there...

Citizen: Monks are here too? I thought they never left their villages.

(When at a battle.)

Knack: Nice move! Think you can teach me that one?

Ava: Of course!

(During gameplay.)

Lucas: Got him, Knack.

Ava: Your new move extends your reach... Use it to open that gate.

Lucas: These guys are stronger than the usual goblins, and their weapons are more advanced... what's going on here?

Lucas: Is that fun to do?

Lucas: Sure looks like it!

Citizen: We're counting on you!

Citizen: You get 'em for us, Knack.

Ryder: That's it. We're lost.

Lucas: I'm starting to think so too.

Citizen: I don't understand what they want with our city.

(At the clock tower.)

Knack: Sorry... I've gotten completely turned around here.

Ava: Climb to the top of the clock tower, and you'll see the museum.

The Clock Tower

(During gameplay.)

Ryder: Well... let's find a way in.

Lucas: Knack! We found the elevators but the power is off... When you get to the top, look for a circuit breaker or something.

Lucas: Thanks, Knack!

Lucas: We hunted down some parts for you while we were waiting!

Knack: Thanks, buddy!

Ava: There's the museum! See it?

Ryder: Thanks, Ava... Not too much further then.

Ryder: I hope the museum hasn't taken too much damage.

Lucas: When Knack and I were there, I heard them talking about upgrading their security.

(After defeating High Goblin.)

Knack: Guys, you should see this!

Ryder: Lucas, this is a High Goblin!

Lucas: Right. Like Yurick.

Ryder: Yes, but no one has seen one for hundreds of years.

Lucas: They sure are different from the one we'd find skulking around the ruins...

Knack: Will you take a look at that? See where they're heading?

Ryder: The museum.

Lucas: Looks like we all had the same idea.

Knack: I say we go stop them.

Lucas: No. Let's get there first and see what they're looking for.

Ava: That's sneaky. I like it. You go infiltrate the museum; I'll tell Xander that plans have changed.

Lucas: Ava... Be careful?

Lucas: What?

(During gameplay.)

Ryder: I can't believe the High Goblins are still alive...

Lucas: We need to hurry - let's find a shortcut.

Lucas: And we're here.

(Arriving at the museum.)

Knack: Good. Looks like we made it here before them.

Ryder: If we go through these door, the alarm will tell the whole goblin army we're here.

Lucas: Maybe the roof?

The Museum at Night

(During gameplay.)

Knack: On it.

Ryder: You see anything Knack can use as a ledge?

Lucas: Mmm... I think I see some vents up there.

(After entering the museum.)

Ryder: Ah. Fancy!

Lucas: This wasn't here last time. "Protected by Katrina Security." Katrina, Katrina?

Ryder: Yes, it's true. My ex is in private security.

Lucas: Well if you're really missing her, you could date one of these robots. They look just like her.

Ryder: Who makes a million robot clones of themselves? I mean, who does that?!

Knack: Are you ever gonna tell us what happened between you two?

Ryder: I could, but I'm afraid it would trigger my flashbacks. It's exactly like her.

Ryder: Yep, it's exactly like her.

(During gameplay.)

Ryder: Well, this brings back memories.

Ryder: Helping you boys break into a museum makes me feel like bad influence.

Lucas: And that's why you're my favorite uncle.

Ryder: Good work, Knack.

Lucas: Hey, Knack!

Lucas: Clear crystal... clever! No need to worry about laser beams when you're transparent.

Ryder: So... How much do you think one of those security robots would cost, anyway?

Lucas: You're really thinking about getting one? Ewwwww!

Lucas: Thanks, Knack!

(At an exhibit.)

Lucas: They finally finished our exhibit... Nice!

Knack: Hmmm... Glad we didn't bring Doc's things here for nothing.

Lucas: Here's the story of your creation! "After years of study, Doctor Vargas was able to solve the mystery of the relics, and produce a living, thinking creature." It's just so amazing.

Knack: I'm pretty happy with the outcome myself.

Lucas: So... where's my section?

Lucas: "Doctor's Assistant"? That's it?

Knack: You were a good assistant.

Lucas: Would it have killed them to mention my name? Without me the Doctor would never have-

Ryder: Shhh... do you hear that?

Knack: Goblins.

Ryder: Let's go.

The High Goblins' Target

(During gameplay.)

Ryder: So the town invasion was just a diversion...

Lucas: Those High Goblins sure are smart.

Lucas: Relic ruins! Takes me back to my last adventures with Knack.

Ryder: Mm... The Doctor would certainly get a kick out of this stuff.

Lucas: I noticed the goblins had a leader of sorts.

Ryder: Yeah... tough looking guy. Could be the master for whatever they're doing.

Lucas: Like he's the one waking up all the Ancient Weapons? I guess...

Lucas: What do you think the goblins are searching for?

Ryder: Something here, obviously, but what...? Crystals? Guardians? Relics?

(Approaching a head statue.)

Lucas: What's this?

Ryder: That's one of the Titans that Ava was talking about. More properly, its head.

Lucas: Wow... We humans defeated these?

Ryder: The goblins only made about ten of them.

Lucas: Good thing, huh?

(During gameplay.)

Ryder: Remember Ava's story? These Titans were too tough to take on directly...

Lucas: Marius had his strike team take out the Control Center. Yeah, I remember.

Lucas: You think Ava got back to Xander safely?

Ryder: She's tough; I'm sure she's fine.

Lucas: The door is secured, Knack. Gonna have to be bigger to pry it open.

Ryder: I'm sure there's plenty of relics around if you look for them. This is a museum after all...

Lucas: You ready?

Lucas: C'mon Knack, put your back into it!

Ryder: They got here before us.

Lucas: Hear that? I think there're goblins in the next room.

(Upon reaching the next room.)

Rothari: We are ready. Send the signal.

???: Aren't we forgetting something?

Rothari: Forgive me. Send the signal... Exalted One.

???: Sending now.

Rothari: I can't believe the high council chose him.

???: Did you receive it?

Rothari: Yes. I have it. Beautiful.

Rothari: Whatever that is... take it out!

Knack: Slight change of plans, boys.

(During gameplay.)

Rothari: Hunt it down!

Rothari: Keep at it, my goblins!

Rothari: Wait - I've heard of you... you must be Knack. You're no friend of the goblin races. If you're siding with the humans, you are our enemy. You will not stand in our way.

(After defeating goblins.)

Knack: Now, what do we have here?

Lucas: This is the artifact the goblins were looking for?

Ryder: Remarkable. It reminds me of... nothing, really. I've never seen anything like it.

Doctor: It's as I suspected. The High Goblins are deeply involved in these events.

Lucas: That would have been nice to know.

Doctor: I believe I did mention it. I understand that you're having fun with Ava, but we must take this seriously.

Lucas: I am taking this seriously.

Ava: The High Goblins will hard to track down. After Marius was victorious in the war, he destroyed all their cities. All that's left is rubble.

Ryder: You know what? The map we saw in Yurick's lab... it has an extra marking.

Lucas: Do you think that might be the Control Center?

Ryder: I'd agree with you, but I've been to this spot and there's nothing there. Not even ruins.

Lucas: Still worth a look tough, right?

Knack: Definitely.

Doctor: Ahem, about...

Xander: ...that artifact?

Doctor: Lucas, the goblins must know something about that object. With my knowledge of relics and...

Xander: Doctor, I appreciate your interest, but first it must be protected. Our village is i...

Doctor: Forgive me Xander, but I can learn much more using my equipment in my lab.

Lucas: You know what? I'm gonna hang on to this for a little while. You coming?

Ava: Of course!

[The Stony Barrens]

Knack: "Now Lucas, you must take this place seriously."

Lucas: Can you believe he said that? What does that Doctor think we've been doing this whole time?

Ava: Being distracted by me, apparently. Why don't you just give the artifact to Xander?

Lucas: I'll deal with it later.

Ryder: Just like a told ya... a whole lotta nothing.

Lucas: Well, we're here. Let's go look around.

Knack: The Control Center's out there, we'll find it. Come on.

Chapter 6

Searching for Clues

(During gameplay.)

Lucas: So... what would a control center look like, anyway?

Ryder: I guess it would be a big man-made... sorry, goblin-made structure.

Lucas: Do you see anything like that?

Ryder: Uhh... No.

Ryder: Maybe it's just wishful thinking... How could anything be out here?

Ava: Did you see that?

Lucas: Whoa... invisible pillars.

Ryder: Huh. An invisible bridge, too.

(When breaking a generator.)

Ava: Look... More platforms!

Ryder: I guess there is something here after all.

(During gameplay.)

Ryder: What I'm not seeing is a connection with the High Goblins...

Lucas: Yeah, I don't get it either.

Ryder: Do you see any similarity between what we saw in Yurick's laboratory and this invisibility stuff?

Lucas: We saw lot of tech in Yurick's lab and didn't understand half of it...

Ryder: True.

Lucas: Hey... If the High Goblins had the ability to hide things... then maybe they could hide themselves.

Ryder: That would certainly explain why no one has seen them for generations.

Ryder: More and more of these invisible structures... I think we're getting warmer.

(After breaking last generator.)

Ryder: Will you look at that.

Ava: Wow...

Lucas: Unbelievable...

Ryder: That's not the Control Center.

Ava: How did a High Goblin city survive the Crystal Wars? It just doesn't make sense.

Lucas: The city must be tied in somehow. This place will give us some serious clues.

Knack: Let's find out, shall we?

The Hidden City

(During gameplay.)

Lucas: So the High Goblins hid here for 200 years...

Ryder: ...waiting to take revenge on humanity.

Lucas and Ryder: Payback time.

Lucas: Gotta get that gate open, Knack!

Ryder: I still can't believe that I'm seeing a living High Goblin city with my own eyes.

Lucas: Don't forget what we're here for, Uncle!

Lucas: Let's split up and see what we can find... Later Knack.

(After trekking through most of the city.)

Knack: Would you happen to know where I can find... your leader?!

(After going up another set of stairs.)

Rothari: Raise the bridges and bar the gates!

Rothari: The humans may have found us, but thanks to these Ancient Weapons, we have nothing to fear.

???: We may have found the weapons, but do not underestimate their creature. He will be back, and we best be ready!

Knack: I really hate goblins.

Second Time's the Charm

(During gameplay.)

Knack: That guy is...DEFINITELY...going!

(Reaching another part of the city.)

Knack: Hmm... Bringing out the big guns, huh?

(Upon reaching a wall.)

???: Are your forces ready to give him a proper welcome?

Rothari: Assembled as ordered... Exalted One.

???: See? It's not so hard to say.

Rothari: I can't believe the high council made you an Elder. I was supposed to be next! You're no High Goblin, Gundahar. This is madness!

Gundahar: Who do you think gave you those weapons? That suit you're wearing?

Rothari: My ancestors built these machines, not yours!

Gundahar: Hah! You waited in the shadows for two centuries. The only reason the High Goblins will have revenge on the humans... is me. Get ready - here he comes!

Rothari: FIRE!

Battle Lines

(After getting past forces.)

Knack: Wait right there!

(During gameplay.)

Knack: Whoever he is... He's going down.

(Upon reaching Rothari.)

Rothari: I'll end this myself, Exalted One!

Gundahar: Just a moment, Rothari. Patch me in!

Gundahar: Hello, Knack.

Knack: Gundahar.

Gundahar: The only and only.

Knack: I though I took care of you a long time ago.

Gundahar: Thinking never was your strong suit, Knack. Prepare to meet your doom! The last voice you'll ever hear will be MINE!

Rothari: No, it will be mine!

(During the fight)

Rothari: I'll smash you to pieces!

Rothari: Too slow, Knack.

Rothari: Not so bad, Knack...

Rothari: Get ready to meet your doom!

Rothari: Weakling.

Rothari: The High Goblins... will rise... AGAIN!

(After beating Rothari.)

Knack: Wherever you are, Gundahar, I'm coming for you.

Gundahar: Elders, compose yourselves! Rothari's defeat changes nothing.

Knack: There you are... How've you been?

Gundahar: Better since I met my new friends... and realized I could help them with their human problem.

Knack: How? Murder and mayhem?

Gundahar: Tch, tch, tch. As it turns out - the Control Center only needed a little work before the Ancient Weapons could be activated.

Knack: So it was you! The weapons, the museum... That artifact! What's your game, Gundahar?

Gundahar: The artifact. Well if I told you about that it would spoil the surprise, but rest assured, you do not want me to have it.

Knack: For once I agree with you. This ends now!

Gundahar: Oh, you didn't actually think I was here, did you, Knack? That would be foolish. If you really want me, come find me at the Control Center... wherever that is.

Lucas: Where is he?

Knack: That is indeed the question.

Charlotte: Gundahar is at the Control Center?

Lucas: Yeah, and he said we don't want him to have this... thing.

Ava: He's not a High Goblin. I'm sure we can defeat him. Xander and I will mobilize the...

Charlotte: Ava, you have no idea what this ruthless creature is capable of. If he's already armed himself with the Ancient Weapons...

Ryder: ...imagine if he got ahold of the Titans?

Knack: How bad are these guys?

Ryder: You know the robots you've been fighting?

Knack: Yeah?

Ryder: They're like that except... huger.

Lucas: I'm sure Knack can handle them.

Ryder: Did I mention they were huger?

Knack: Maybe we should go take a look.

Ava: We should secure any inactive weapons for Gundahar reaches them. Ryder...

Ryder: Say no more. If you want Titans, I know exactly where they are.

Xander: Ava, take a squad with you.

Doctor: Lucas, while you're out with Ryder, isn't it about time you let an expert look at that artifact? Hmm? If you please?

Doctor: I'm glad to see you're finally taking this seriously.

Lucas; Take this serious... You know what? You're right. I should absolutely take this more seriously. Here you go, Xander. I think you're just the expert we need. Let's go.

[The Dig]

Ryder: Here it is... where Marius defeated the High Goblins and ended the Crystal Wars. And there... are the Titans.

Lucas: You weren't kidding, Ryder. They're huge!

Ryder: Al least there aren't any goblins around.

Knack: Let's keep it that way.

Ava: My thoughts exactly. Hale, once we're on the floor of the site, let's spread out and secure the area.

Lucas: See you on the far side, Ava!

Chapter 7

The Buried Battlefield

(During gameplay.)

Lucas: Hello!

Scholar: Welcome to the excavation site.

Scholar: Ryder, I owe you a debt of thanks. That statue of Marius you found was indeed a significant archeological find!

Ryder: Why, thank you!

Worker: Now you boys watch where you walk. Don't contaminate the site!

Ryder: If the High Goblins show up, I assure you they'll do a whole lot more than that.

Worker: Haha... good one, Ryder.

Lucas: Why are we going down? Wasn't the final battle on the surface?

Ryder: There was a mudflow. The whole battlefield ended up getting buried. Archaeologists have been excavating here for years.

Worker: Careful now, there's heavy machinery operating here.

Lucas: Don't worry! We're used to this kind of stuff!

Scholar: Technology that goblins had in those days never fails to amaze me.

Scholar: A modern army wouldn't stand a chance against them.

Worker: Hey! Those safety barricades are there for a reason!

Lucas: Find anything interesting?

Scholar: Oh, every day, every day!

Lucas: Lookin' strong, buddy! Don't stop now!

Lucas: Thanks, Knack... we owe you one!

Scholar: Dug up this one yesterday - just look at this fine specimen.

Scholar: We'll need a crane to get it out properly.

Scholar: Not so fast. First we'd better see how far down it goes.

Lucas: Knack! Over here!

(Catching up to Lucas and Ryder.)

Ryder: Take a look. Gundahar is after the big robots.

Lucas: More High Goblins... Where do they keep coming from?

Knack: Won't matter when I'm done with them.

(During gameplay.)

Ryder: I hate to say I was right but... I was right.

Ryder: A treasure trove of weapons like this... There's no way Gundahar was going to ignore it.

Lucas: Good thing the monks are here... they can protect the archaeologists.

Race Against Time

(During gameplay.)

Lucas: We're gonna have to fight our way across to where the Titans are...

Ryder: Exactly... And maybe we can stop Gundahar from getting his hands on them.

Worker: I hear you can use scrap metal... we've got a lot of it right here.

Worker: It's just odds and ends from busted robots... should toughen you up though!

Worker: Anything we can do to help? We shut all the gates but it's not slowing them down...

Scholar: All of our research... ruined!

Scholar: What will become of my paper now?

Lucas: Why didn't Gundahar wake the Titans up first?

Ryder: Hard to say... Maybe his control isn't as good as we think it is.

(Passing through a gate.)

Ryder: What's that sound?

(During gameplay.)

Lucas: Knack! Look out!

Lucas: Tough as they are... I don't think the monks can take out these tanks.

Ryder: Yeah... it's up to Knack now.

(After destroying tanks.)

Knack: Check this out.

Lucas: Showoff!

That New Tank Smell


The Awakening

(During gameplay.)

Scholar: It's the Titans!

Scholar: They're starting to move!

Lucas: They are starting to move...

Ryder: At least these one are just in pieces...

Scholar: I thought they were so beautiful...

(Reaching an inactive Titan.)

Knack: Will ya check that out.

Ryder: Guess being buried in mud all those years kept it in great shape.

Lucas: Looks like those goblins are trying to activate it!

Ryder: Better hustle, Knack.

(After fighting robots.)

Gundahar: Make them pay!

(During gameplay.)

Lucas: Knack! Get to safety!

Gundahar: Ahh, Knack. So glad you could make it.

Gundahar: It's adorable how you think you have a chance.

Gundahar: Keep fighting, Knack.

Gundahar: It doesn't matter how fast you run.

Gundahar: I will catch you...

Gundahar: ...and I will DESTROY YOU!

Gundahar: It's just like swatting a fly...

Gundahar: Be a good boy and hold still...

Gundahar: So slippery... but it won't save you.

Gundahar: Victory will be MINE!

Scholar: Stop it, Knack!

Scholar: Yes, save us!

(Catching up with Ryder and Lucas.)

Lucas: Look... his chest!

Knack: Payback time.

(During gameplay.)

Lucas: Now, how do we get close to that Titan?

Gundahar: Come out, come out wherever you are...

Scholar: Get him, Knack.

Gundahar: Found you!

Ryder: We've got to get at that weak point in his chest somehow.

Gundahar: Come play, Knack!

(After destroying Titan.)

Xander: Thank you, Knack! Thank you all! Your efforts saved many lives today. I am especially proud of you, Ava.

Ava: Thank you, Xander... but I'm afraid we're no closer to stopping Gundahar.

Lucas: Yeah, it's like we're back at the beginning.

Ryder: Not really... when we started, watching Knack smash robots was a lot more fun.

Lucas: Yeah. I wonder... Here's where we first saw them wake up... on our hike. Next, they woke up in the valley near here. And here's where we were fighting them today.

Ava: Those locations sort of form a line.

Lucas: Exactly. They're waking up in order of distance from the Control Center - close, further, furthest.

Ryder: But that would put the Control Center out over the ocean.

Xander: That's a long way to go just to follow up a hunch. I'm not...

Doctor: For once, I agree with Xander. It's definitely an interesting theory, Lucas, but I think we should focus on more promising leads. I'm wondering if a detector, properly configured of course, couldn't find...

Lucas: Ryder?

Ryder: You know I'm always with you Lucas, but a Control Center out over the ocean somewhere? That's not very likely.

Lucas: I know it's not much of a lead, but I just have this feeling, you know? And who knows? Maybe I'm right. It's not like it hasn't happened before. You know what? You've got a point. At least my idea deserves to be checked out. Let's go.

Lucas: Thanks for the talk, buddy.

Ava: Took you boys long enough.

Lucas: Welcome aboard!

Charlotte: That's my Lucas.

Ava: Anything yet?

Lucas: Nothing yet, I know it's out there. I can feel it.

Ava: Do you always let feelings influence your actions?

Lucas: Of course. Don't you?

Ava: I guess I do now.

Lucas: Oh, that's just a cloud.

Ava: You sure about that?

Lucas: You're right. Let's check it out.

[The Control Center]

Ava: An island with a tower. That's right, a giant metal tower...

Ava: Xander was so surprised we found the location.

Lucas: And it only took me three tries!

Knack: Four, but who's counting? Now to find Gundahar.

Chapter 8

Island Explorers

(During gameplay.)

Ava: When Xander gets here, he'll be so proud of us.

Lucas: I guess that giant tower sends out signals that wake the robots.

Lucas: Watch out... spider thingies.

Ava: To think Marius was walking right where we are today...

Lucas: What, before he blew the place up?

Ava: Lucas...

Lucas: The first order of business is to find an entrance.

Lucas: What is that? Some kind of... machinery?

Lucas: Nice.

Lucas: If we could align those ridges, we could probably climb up through there...

Ava: It's all so mysterious.

Lucas: Now that those archaeologists are out of a job, maybe that can puzzle out this place.

(Advancing to the tower.)

Lucas: Knack! Hold up!

Ava: It's stronger this time.

Knack: Bad news... We'd better hurry.

(During gameplay.)

Lucas: We gonna get in there and figure out a way to stop this.

Ava: If Gundahar is in there, what we need to do is stop him.

Ava: Just one more push, Knack!

Knack: I was wondering when something tough would show up.

Lucas: I'm happy you came with me... but, I wonder what Xander will think...

Ava: Don't be silly... I was right to put my trust in you.

(Approaching some robots.)

Knack: These guys are just slowing me down. Got any ideas, Ava?

Ava: Try this.

Ava: What I taught you is a move we use to release power from within the body.

Ava: It seems to work differently for Knack.

Lucas: Sometimes that tower flashes bright, sometimes it just fizzles... something's not working properly.

Ava: Good news for us, right?

(At a door.)

Ava: This looks better.

Lucas: Well, come on!

Knack: Hmm...

Knack: What is that?!

Lucas: Who cares... Let's get out of here!

Into the Fire

(During gameplay.)

Lucas: Knack, over here!

Lucas: What was that thing anyway, the mama spider?

Ava: It seems to be guarding this facility... Probably means we're getting close!

Lucas: Well done, Knack!

Lucas: Mama's baack!

Lucas: Second time's the charm!

Ava: Remarkable!

Ava: This place is falling apart.

Lucas: Is this all damage from Marius's commandos? Or just age?

Ava: This cable looks like it was just cut.

Lucas: Best bet, Gundahar.

Ava: I think they're drawing energy from these crystals.

Lucas: That's a lot of power!

(At the heart of the Control Center.)

Lucas: So this is the heart of the Control Center. What a mess!

Ava: I can see why this worked only intermittently. Still being fixed.

Knack: Let's see how well this thing works without a power supply.

Knack: Hmm... I'm coming for ya, Gundahar.

Gundahar's Last Stand

(During gameplay.)

Lucas: He's definitely on this island.

Ava: Let's find him.

(After fighting goblins.)

Gundahar: Knack, I've been waiting for you!

Knack: Gundahar!

Gundahar: Taking the side of the humans again, are you...? You think you can oppose us?

Knack: Of course!

Gundahar: In that case, come on up. We'll see who has the last laugh.

(Reaching Gundahar.)

Gundahar: Glad you could make it, Knack. You're just in time... to meet your doom!

Lucas: We'll see about that!

Gundahar: How adorable. You have a sidekick?

Lucas: Sidekick?!

Knack: That's it! Nobody insults Lucas but me!

Lucas: Yeah! Wait, what?

(During battle.)

Gundahar: Let me introduce you to my sidekicks, Knack!

Gundahar: Is that the best you can do?

Gundahar: Finish him!

Gundahar: Such fun.

Gundahar: Strike him down!

Gundahar: Knack, you've come a long way... just to die.

Gundahar: Our rivalry ends here.

Gundahar: Knack, does that hurt?

Gundahar: Smash him!

(After destroying the two robots.)

Lucas: Good. Xander's here.

Ava: ...and Gundahar was using the machinery here to send out the signals.

Lucas: Yeah. Total hack-job.

Xander: He did get the robots running though.

Lucas: You say that like it's a good thing.

Xander: Oh Lucas. The robots aren't the problem. It's who controls them that makes a difference. Take this artifact... I recognized it instantly. It's an energy source designed by Yurick to power this Control Center. I'm surprised you didn't figure it out. You can see how it fits into the dynamo here like hand into glove.

Lucas: If you knew what it was, then why didn't you tell us when I gave it to you?

Xander: Some things are better left unsaid. Now watch as I turn the Ancient Weapons against the High Goblins.

Xander: And now to wake them ALL.

Knack: Wake them?

Lucas: We wanna stop them!

Ava: Wait. Just hear him out.

Lucas: You knew about this?

Ava: No, but I know Xander has a plan. We have to believe in him.

Lucas: Ava, the plan was to stop the robots and the goblins. We've done that.

Xander: You know what the problem is with people like you, Lucas? No vision. Imagine what could be accomplished with an army of invincible robot warriors. Why, we could change the world.

Knack: I'm putting an end to this.

Ava: Knack, stop! Please! They're on our side. We just have to explain-

Xander: I believe your trust is misguided, but ask them.

Ava: Will you help us?

Lucas: Ava, no!

Knack: We can't.

Xander: You see? Their kind simply cannot understand our mission. Time to go, Ava.

Ava: We can't just leave them here.

Xander: I know you've grown fond of them, but remember our purpose. What we do, we do for the sake of all mankind. It is our duty.

Ava: They'll be safe here?

Xander: You can retrieve them when things are set right. They'll be welcome citizens in my new world.

Lucas: Don't believe him.

Xander: Ava, do you still trust me?

Ava: I do. I'm sorry.

Lucas: Ava...

Knack: You won't get away with this, Xander.

Xander: I already have. Boys, show Knack that little trick I taught you.

Knack: What?

Xander's Creation

(During fight.)

Lucas: Knack! The ground's crumbling apart!

Lucas: Knack!!

(After beating Relic Creation.)

Lucas: Knack! We've got to get to the plane!

Lucas: Of course he wrecked it.

Lucas: Why didn't you stop Xander? You're only like four times his size!

Knack: Hmph. Must be easy to stand back and bark orders.

Lucas: You stick to the fighting... I'll handle the strategy, thank you.

Knack: Some strategy, you hot-head! You handed Xander the artifact!

Lucas: Well, maybe now you can beat him and impress Ava again. "Oooh, Knack, how impressive! Oh Knack, you so amazing!"

Knack: Lucas... grow up.

Lucas: Hey Knack.

Knack: Hey.

Lucas: Listen, I... I really didn't mean what I... I'm not mad at you. I'm mad at Ava.

Knack: Me too. How could she choose that Xander guy over us? We're awesome!

Lucas: Right? We're also stranded.

Knack: Maybe we can find something to help us get home.

Lucas: Ok. Well, we have one wrecked plane.

Knack: And a few pine trees.

Lucas: And lots of robot rubble.

Knack: We're going to be here a while, aren't we?

Lucas: Yeah.

[Two Weeks Later]

Knack: Maybe the Doctor will send Ryder out with a search party.

Lucas: I doubt Xander would let that happen.

Lucas: There's got to be a way to get home. I just can't think of it.

Knack: Maybe you'll think of something in the morning. Let's get some shut eye.

[A Month Passes]

Lucas: Maybe... just maybe. Knack! It's time to go to work!

[Four Month of Hard Work Later]

Knack: Sure is funny looking.

Lucas: We built if from scraps of busted robots. Of course it looks funny. Let's do this.

Knack: Are you sure this is gonna work?

Lucas: Yeah! Hope so.

Knack: Ready?

Lucas: Yeah!

Knack: Here we go.

Lucas: We'll hit the Doctor's mansion first. Might as well settle in. We got a long way to go.

[The Doctor's Mansion]

Lucas: This is worse than I thought. I hope they're okay. Time to do your thing, buddy.

Chapter 9

Former Friends

(After getting to the Charlotte statue.)

Lucas: Whoa!

Lucas: Whew!

Knack: Whew!

(After getting through the garden.)

Lucas: Knack! Looks like you cleaned up the garden pretty well.

Knack: The monks may be our enemies now, but they still fight the same... Let's head in.

Rescue Mission

(During gameplay.)

Lucas: I overheard the monks talking... The Doctor and the others are being held in the basement.

Lucas: The monks have certainly changed their look...

Lucas: The basement is in the research building... We can get there through the emergency ducts.

Lucas: I'll meet you on the other side.

(When in the laboratory.)

Lucas: Check it out... They've even broken into the Doctor's lab. Quietly now. The basement is this way.

(During gameplay.)

Lucas: I think the robot testing facility is up ahead.

Lucas: No time for old memories I guess... even if they were good ones.

Lucas: Yo! Knack!

Lucas: After you.

(At the basement door.)

Knack: Miss me?

Doctor: Shortly after you two...disappeared... things got a little strange. Xander announced his new world order and took the monks on a rampage across the country.

Charlotte: Your little friend Ava is the one who led the attack here.

Lucas: That figures.

Ryder: I'd say we're lucky she's the one who led the attack. Some of those monks can be ruthless.

Charlotte: As far as we know, Newhaven is the last hold out.

Lucas: Anything else?

Doctor: There are rumors that Xander is readying the next part of his plan.

Ryder: That can't be good. So, Lucas. Where's my plane?

Lucas: Um... about that...

Lucas: least we saved an engine.

Ryder: I loved that plane.

Charlotte: Is this a thumb? What's that... a head? You built this out of robot parts?

Doctor: I can't believe you made it all the way back in this thing... You're certainly the brave one!

Charlotte: Stop breaking things, dear. Lucas, I'd like to set you up with a proper engine. Do you mind if I tinker a bit?

Lucas: Be my guest!

Lucas: So it's Xander, his monks, and the Ancient Weapons against... just us?

Ryder: Unless you know someone with a large independent military force...

Ryder: No. Absolutely not. There is no way I am going to Katrina's fortress.

[Katrina's Fortress]

Lucas: So that's Katrina's place, huh?

Ryder: Yup. Yup, that's it.

Knack: All of this can't be just to keep you out, can it.

Ryder: Oh, I'd say it's definitely just to keep me out.

Chapter 10

A Midnight Visit

(During gameplay.)

Ryder: Maybe I should wait here and, uh, guard the car.

Lucas: Uncle!

Ryder: Stay clear of those searchlights... if they hit you it definitely is going to leave a mark.

Lucas: How d'you know?

Ryder: Well... you could say it's not just my heart that's sore.

Ryder: A little help, Knack?

Ryder: Dodging attack robots... Reminds me of the first time I asked her for a date.

Ryder: Hey! Watch it, someone could get hurt! Me!

Ryder: So after the third time I tried to break in... uh, visit, Katrina added these patrol bots.

Lucas: The third time?

Ryder: Mmm... maybe it was the fifth time. I know it was an odd number.

Ryder: Ahh, Viktor...

Lucas: Takes you back, doesn't it?

Lucas: How much further to the tower?

Ryder: Oh, we're not even half way there. That woman is thorough!

Ryder: Lucas, Knack! The robots are programmed to attack me, not you guys! I'll make my own way from here!

Lucas: Ok! Be safe!

Lucas: The level of security here is just ridiculous.

Lucas: It is so peaceful... except for the deadly robots and stuff.

Lucas: Oh perfect... the robots have figured out we're with Ryder.

Lucas: Combat robots with blades for hands... What could go wrong?

Lucas: ...and more spinning blade dudes.

Lucas: Just a little further now.

Lucas: Uncle!

(After meeting with Ryder.)

Ryder: Well, I guess she's not home. Let's go.

Lucas: Uncle...

Katrina: For the last time, Ryder... go away!

Ryder: You heard the lady!

Lucas: Seriously, what happened?

Ryder: Um.. heh...

Knack: Guess I'll have to do this the hard way...


(During gameplay.)

Lucas: Thanks Knack!

Ryder: We'll be waiting right here! ...or maybe further back.

(After fighting past security.)

Knack: Katrina, we need to talk...

Katrina: No need to speak. Knack already briefed me about the situation. Fortunately, I have several thousand security robots specifically designed to keep out... undesirables.

Lucas: You're talking about Ryder, aren't you?

Katrina: Yes. Yes I am. A few tweaks and they'll be ready to take on Xander's robots.

Lucas: What kind of tweaks, exactly?

Katrina: Leave it to me.

Katrina: What is that... thing?

Lucas: That's my ride!

Lucas: Thanks, Charlotte! Katrina, I'll meet you at Norcliff! Now... let's see what this baby can do!

[Beneath Norcliff]

Ryder: I don't know what Xander's up to in there, but I'm sure it's not good.

Lucas: Looks like Katrina and her troops are ready to go. Knack and I will infiltrate and get that door open for you. Tell Katrina.

Ryder: Right. I'll let Charlotte know to tell the Doctor to let Katrina know you're on your way.

Lucas: Just talk to her, Uncle!

Ryder: Yeah... you've never had a thousand robots programmed to destroy you.

Chapter 11


(During gameplay.)

Lucas: There's smoke coming out of the mountain... maybe we can get in through an air vent or something.

Lucas: Such a huge facility beneath the monk village... Xander sure did a good job keeping us away from it.

Lucas: No good, it's sealed shut.

Lucas: You can do it, Knack... PULL!

Lucas: Nice! We can juuuust squeeze through.

Lucas: It's a prison, looks pretty old...

Lucas: These crates are full of robot parts. What's Xander up to?

Lucas: Did you see how many security robots Katrina brought with her? We get that giant door open, things are gonna start happening fast!

Lucas: Shh! There're some monks up there...

Lucas: Katrina's waiting at the front of the mountain... We gotta get to her somehow.

Lucas: I wonder if that traitor Ava's here too?

(Reaching another part of the facility.)

Lucas: Knack... Take a look! We might be able to get the door open from there.

Knack: Yeah...

Lucas: So that's what going on. Xander's repairing them... Restoring them to mint condition.

Knack: Let's go!

(During gameplay.)

Lucas: I get it. Xander's making a robot army! First he wakes them all up, then he gets them in perfect shape... Guess that "better world" he's dreaming of is one ruled by the monks.

Lucas: Definitely in mint condition.

(After pulling the switch.)

Lucas: You did it! They're coming in!

(Approaching some robots.)

Knack: Nice stun move!

Lucas: Whoa... That's new!

(During gameplay.)

Lucas: Katrina must have upgraded her robots.

Lucas: Every robot they destroy is one less in Xander's army... Keep this up and we could put a real dent in his plans.

Lucas: Get the big one! Katrina's robots will take care of the rest.

(At a pipe.)

Lucas: He's repairing the Titans, too. What now?

Knack: Now... we fight.

(During gameplay.)

Lucas: I think the door has to be opened from the other side.

Lucas: Catch up with you later, Knack!

All Alone

(After fighting pasts monks.)

Xander: Three Titans in perfect shape. Not bad. After we get one more patched up, and make a little detour, we'll be ready for the attack on Newhaven. Soon we will make things right.

Xander: Knack? He survived the island.

Ava: Survived? What do you mean, survived?

Xander: Men! Destroy that... thing!

(During gameplay.)

Xander: Don't let him get away!

Ava: Xander, no!

(After going down a pole.)

Knack: Oh yeah!

(During gameplay.)

Ava: Knack, get out of there!

Knack: "Three Titans in perfect shape"... Now that's scary.

Knack: It's so nice... to be... big again.

(Through a duct.)

Ava: you did attack them!

Xander: Of course I did. You knew they were a problem, but you let your emotions decide what is right.

Ava: No, I let you decide what's right. This is not what our founder wanted.

Xander: Ava, Marius established our order to lead this world. You know that. Just wait. You will come to understand I am right in these matters. Once the monks are in their proper place... you won't even remember those boys.

Ava: "Those boys"? Knack and Lucas are my friends!

Xander: I am your friend, Ava. Those boys are just... well, they're nothing.

Ava: Enough, Xander. Enough of your plans, your...your... your ambition! Your lies! Enough!

Xander: What have you done?!

Ava: What I should have done long ago. Goodbye, Xander.

Xander: Ava...!

Xander: You've made your choice, Ava... I will make mine.

Xander: Shut it down! We're moving out. If it's fixed, take it with us... The rest leave as scrap.

(During gameplay.)

Ava: Knack, you gotta stop Xander...

A Titanic Threat

(During gameplay.)

Knack: Gotta time it juuust right.

Ava: Knack, there should be a lot of relics in there! Don't miss any!

Knack: There's the other Titans.

(Once near a Titam.)

Knack: Nice try... But I'm... too... BIG for that now!

Knack: Hey! Don't run away!

(During gameplay.)

Ava: The exit is over there!

(Nearing the exit.)

Ava: Knack, hurry!

(During gameplay.)

Ava: Knack, I'm so glad you're okay.

Ava: Oh... there's Lucas.

(When meeting with everyone else.)

Lucas: What the...? We don't have time to deal with prisoners, Knack.

Knack: She helped me when I was in trouble... I think we can trust her,

Lucas: Trust her? Am I the only one who remembers the island?!

Ava: I didn't think Xander would hurt you. You have to believe me.

Lucas: Fine. But if she betrays us again, it's on you.

Ryder: Enough now! We've got bigger problems. Like where Xander is taking the Titans? And what he plans on doing when he gets there.

Katrina: Let's follow them and find out, shall we?

[The Nexus]

Lucas: They're all gathering inside the crater.

Knack: What is this place, anyway?

Ryder: No one knows. Dates back to the time of the High Goblins. Old machinery. Purpose... unknown.

Ava: Xander's been talking about...

Lucas: Come one, Knack, let's do this!

Ava: Lucas, wait!

Knack: He's just being hot-headed. Give him a minute. He'll cool off.

Chapter 12

Into the Maelstrom

(During gameplay.)

Lucas: Where's Katrina?

Ryder: She's taking another route. We'll close in on Xander's forces from different directions.

Ryder: I guess these are the stragglers... the rest of Xander's army must already be inside the crater.

(At the machinery.)

Ryder: Xander's got the artifact. He's placing it in some kind of machine.

Lucas: What is he doing?

Ava: That's what I was trying to tell you! This machine was the final part of Yurick's plan. He never had the chance to use it, but it's designed to make the robots stronger.

Lucas: Make them stronger... how?

Ava: Xander didn't tell me. I'm sorry. I don't know.

Lucas: Of course you don't.

Ava: Lucas! I know that I shouldn't have put my faith in Xander, but haven't you ever trusted the wrong person?

Lucas: Yes... and the next time I trust someone, I'm going to be a lot more careful.

Lucas: We need to get down there fast.

Knack: Right behind you.

(During gameplay.)

Ryder: It won't be easy getting down.

Lucas: No matter how much those robots power up, they're no match for Knack.

Ryder: We've also got Katrina's help. I can't imagine how Xander thinks he's going to win.

An Invincible Foe

(During gameplay.)

Ava: Knack! Get up here!

Ryder: Not good!

Ryder: Even Katrina's security robots are helpless against them!

Ava: Try pushing it off the cliff, Knack!

(After pushing off the robot.)

Lucas: Yikes! That's not good...

(During gameplay.)

Lucas: We should be leaving now.

Ryder: Come on already!

Lucas: If a boulder won't take these guys out... what will?

Lucas: More of them are powering up.

Ryder: I do NOT like the look of that...

Ava: I wonder if Katrina's ok...

Ryder: I hope so...

Ryder: Katrina's security forces are getting destroyed!

(Once near Lucas, Ava and Ryder.)

Knack: Xander's not fooling around. Those things are nasty.

Lucas: We're too late. He's powering up the Titans.

Ryder: Look! Katrina's in trouble... We have to help her.

Knack: Alright. Let's do it.

Ava: Knack - wait! I swore an oath never to reveal this kata to outsiders, but I know this is what you need to defeat Xander.

Ava: Now go get 'em!

Ryder: That's more like it!

Lucas: You get 'em, Knack!

New Moves

(During gameplay.)

Lucas: Thank you, Ava.

Ryder: Time to hit back.

Lucas: Alright!

Ava: You go, Knack!

Lucas: That's the way to do it!

Ryder: Get 'em, Knack!

Lucas: Take 'em out!

(After taking out more robots.)

Lucas: Knack! Wait up!

Lucas: Whatever Xander was doing here, he's done it.

Lucas: Where do you think he's heading?

Ava: It has to be Newhaven... I'm sorry, Lucas.

Knack: Let's be sure we get there first.

(During gameplay.)

Ryder/Ava: We have to save Katrina.../We have to stop Xander!

Lucas: Katrina first, then Xander.

Ryder: Just a little bit longer Katrina.

Ava: Look over there! Katrina's still holding on.

(Once caught up with Katrina.)

Ryder: You OK?

Ryder: What?!?

Katrina: Just when I've convinced myself I made the right decision about us, you go and do something like this! It's enough to drive someone CRAZY!

Ryder: You're reconsidering, aren't you?

Katrina: No!

Ryder: Sure you are.

Ava: Katrina's force have been destroyed. it's up to you two now... you're all that stands between Xander and Newhaven.

Lucas: Ava... Why is he doing this?

Ava: I know he's hard to understand, but... after Marius crushed the High Goblins and their civilization, and there were no more battles to be fought, he looked upon all that he had wrought and realized he had become as cruel as the High Goblins. It was then Marius knew that humankind needed wisdom more than strength. Marius turned to the way of peace. He founded the Order of the Monks, and for many years they ruled the human world. And we began to thrive. The way of peace suited humans but more importantly, the Way of the Monk was respected. But as our founder's time came to an end, so did the influence of the monks. Our contributions to humanity were all but forgotten. Soon people thought of us as solitary eccentrics, or worse... quaint folk of a bygone era. Xander found it all humiliating. He felt power was the only way to regain the respect we lost.

Lucas: Yeah but, the whole "army of ancient robots" thing?

Knack: It's a bit much.

Lucas: Plane?

Knack: Plane.

Ava: We'll be right behind you!

[Return to Newhaven]

Lucas: Three Titans left.

Lucas: Nice to be home, but it's different than I remember.

Knack: It's probably the invading army. Let's go.

Chapter 13

Home Again

(During gameplay.)

Lucas: Time to put an end to Xander's plan.

Lucas: This is so not good.

Lucas: Xander's minion's... Get 'em, Knack.

Lucas: They're destroying our city.

Knack: There's one of 'em.

PA: The city is under attack by unidentified forces.

PA: All civilians are to take shelter immediately.

Lucas: Knack... you gotta see this... It's...

(Once on the rooftop with Lucas.)

Knack: I'll take it from here. You're a little... fragile for what's running around out there.

Lucas: I just wish I could do more.

Knack: Do more? You figured out what was happening. Found the Control Center. Saved us when we were stranded.

Lucas: And I gave Xander the artifact. Those super-powered robots out there? That's me too.

Knack: We all make mistakes, Lucas. What matters is what you do next.

Lucas: I just can't help but think... it's all my fault. What have I done?

Knack: Get down!

Knack: We'll set this right, Lucas. Beginning NOW.

Invasion Redux

(During gameplay.)

Knack: Why, hello there!

(After defeating an Ancient Weapon.)

Knack: Hmmm... I got it!

A Titanic Climb


The Final Push

(When final Titan is in sight.)

Knack: Gotta catch up somehow.

Knack: There we go...

Pilot: Strike team one, we are go.

(During gameplay.)

Pilot: Commencing attack run.

Pilot: Keeping below Titan's detection range.

Pilot: Encountering crossfire.

Pilot: M class enemy identified.

Pilot: Xander's forces are fully in control of area.

Pilot: Ground assault is massive.

Pilot: Enemy fire increasing.

Pilot: Closing in. Titan in range.

Pilot: We are locked and loaded.

Pilot: Will fire on closest approach.

Pilot: 3... 2... 1...

Pilot: I'm hit...

Pilot: Mayday mayday.

Knack: Gently does it... got people in there.

Knack: You can come out now... it's safe.

(When approaching Xander.)

Xander: (chuckles) Today the capital. tomorrow the world.

Xander: You don't give up easily, do you? What else would I expect from the world-saving hero?

Knack: Xander! This stops now!

Xander: (laughs) We'll see about that.

(During the fight.)


  • The capital is mine!
  • Nothing can break this shield, Knack - not even you.
  • I won't be defeated so easily.
  • What I do, I do for all mankind.
  • Come closer Knack... if you dare.

(After defeating Xander's last Titan.)

Knack: You've lost, Xander. Your reign has ended before it even began.

Knack: Are you... crying?

[Three Months Later]

[Xander's Dungeon]

Lucas: Knack!

Lucas: Are you okay? I've been looking for you for months. I gotta tell you what's happened... which I guess I'll do later. Let's go!

Chapter 14

The Escape

(During gameplay.)

Lucas: Quietly now.

(In the next room.)

Lucas: Hold up... Check out the clone of you... Xander wasn't kidding when he told the Doc he could create light from relics...

Lucas: Those things are everywhere.

(During gameplay.)

Lucas: Bet ya Xander kidnapped you to figure out how to create those... clones. That's why they kinda look like you... But meaner.

Lucas: The monks have this place locked down tight...

Lucas: They shut down the tunnel I came in through!

Lucas: We gotta look for another way out.

(When through a gate.)

Knack: Wait a second... this is the cave under the monastery?

Knack: Hmm... Looks like they're building something.

Knack: So, what have I missed.

Lucas: After Xander blasted you with the artifact, we really tried to stop him, Knack... but his monks took you away and we just couldn't fight them.

Knack: The artifact... so that's what got me.

Lucas: We tried searching for you here first, but the place was abandoned. That's when Ava and I decided to split up. I kept looking for you, and she went off to find monks she still trusted... Haven't seen her since.

Knack: That's not good.

Lucas: It gets worse. People started disappearing. The Doctor, Charlotte... everybody. Finally I saw one of your clones and I followed him back here. This time the place was swarming. I knew you had to be somewhere in here.

Knack: And all this?

Lucas: No idea... but he's definitely building something out of robot parts. Something so large it won't even fit in here.

(During gameplay.)

Lucas: Whatever it is, it's gonna be bigger than a Titan.

Lucas: At least it should be easy to find.

Lucas: Xander's using those clones of you as slave labor.

Lucas: All these caves... what are they doing here?

Lucas: I was hoping the Doctor might be here, but it doesn't look like it. At least I found you, Knack.

(When taking a lift.)

Knack: Hello, daylight.

Lucas: Up there! Xander!

Knack: Let's go find out what he's been up to.

The Master Plan

(During gameplay.)

Lucas: So... where's this thing he's building?

Lucas: City looks pretty much the same... maybe a little more run down though.

Lucas: I hope Ava's okay.

Lucas: Remember our first night here, when you took on all the monks? Those were good times...

Lucas: Those machines weren't here before... What is Xander up to?

Lucas: This is their last line of defense, Knack!

Lucas: Time to hear what the man has to say for himself...

(Once reaching Xander.)

Xander: Just in time! So good to see you again, here in this place where we first met. Before things began to get a little... crazy.

Lucas: You mean back when you wanted to rule the world?

Xander: After I thought it through, I realized it'd be work, work, work, work, work. Too much trouble, really. Actually... you gave me an idea, Lucas. You and that little plane of yours.

Knack: Here it comes...

Xander: Building something out of leftover robot parts is really clever. But if you're going to do it, do it the right way. Behold the Armageddon Machine!

Lucas: Armageddon Machine?!

Xander: Too much? "Devastation Machine" didn't sound big enough and "End-of-the-World Machine" was just too wordy...

Knack: You're mad!

Xander: I think so, yes. In any case, I'm glad you boys made it for the grand finale.

Xander: Ah ah ah. You know what this can do to you. "Rule the world". This world? You people don't deserve our rule. It's clear we need a return to simpler times. When Marius spoke, everyone listened, because he was all that stood between them and death. I'm going to restore that way of life. Cities, towns, villages - the trappings of our so-called civilization. They make us weak! And to give this a personal touch... I'm going to start with those you love most in this world. When the Armageddon Machine reaches Newhaven... they will be the first to meet their doom.

Xander: Lucas, Knack, always a pleasure.

(During gameplay.)

Lucas: So that's what he built out of robot parts? It's enormous!

Lucas: How is this even possible? He must have needed a thousand clones of you to build this thing!

Lucas: The Armageddon Machine? He's mad...

Lucas: This is almost as big as the city below it.

Lucas: That giant thing we saw downstairs... it was a prototype for just one of these legs.

Lucas: Xander must be using the same cloaking technology that the High Goblins used on their city.

Lucas: It's ready to go... Once Xander gets on board, better watch out.

(When close to the machine.)

Lucas: Think you can make that jump?

Knack: No choice. Get your plane and come find me!

Knack: Good luck, buddy.

[The Armageddon Machine]

Knack: That doesn't look a simpler time to me.

Chapter 15

Path of Destruction

(During gameplay.)

Xander: Greetings, my brothers. We have embarked on a mission to save these weak and decadent people. Humanity huddles in its filthy, crowded cities, ignorant of the Way of the Monk. We will enlighten them. Only the worthy will survive and join us in our new world.

(After climbing up a while.)

Knack: Hey, Lucas! Let's meet on top!

(During gameplay.)

Xander: Is that you, Knack? So resourceful. I would have thought it impossible for you to get on board. Behold the nearly infinite energy of the artifact! Enough to destroy every village, town and city on the planet. Enough to take us back to Marius's time, when might was right. I will purify these lands with fire!

Xander: I want to thank you boys. Lucas, for giving me the artifact. Knack, for all the work your clones did to build this incredible machine. Ironic isn't it...? I couldn't have done it without you. (laughs)

(Once at the top.)

Lucas: Knack! You made it!

Knack: Of course. Now, how are we going to stop this thing?

Lucas: No idea... There's a door back this way... but it's locked.

Best Friends Forever

(During gameplay.)

Lucas: So... maybe get to the bridge and try to steal back the artifact.

Lucas: What is this stuff? It's gonna be hard to take this thing down.

Lucas: I hope we're going the right way.

(Back at the exterior of the machine.)

Ava: Knack! Lucas!

Lucas: Ava!

Ava: I'm off to warn the city that this thing's coming!

Lucas: Good luck, Ava!

(During gameplay.)

Lucas: I knew all the monks weren't bad!

Lucas: Wait a minute... Did this thing just... stop?

(Once again at the exterior.)

Knack: What do you think, Lucas?

Lucas: Something's not right.

Knack: He's going to destroy Newhaven! We have to stop him!

Lucas: I think I know how, but it's risky... My plane!

Lucas: Knack, I need you to get to Xander and the artifact...

Knack: Lucas!

Lucas: ...and trust me.

Knack: I always do.

(During gameplay.)

Knack: It's started moving again.

Xander: Did you like that, Knack? A few buildings, but just a taste of what's to come. Every shot destroys another part of the city. Your city. Each moment brings you closer to the destruction of all you hold dear.

Xander: There you are, Knack. I was worried I'd lost you. Just thought you should know... we've arrived in Newhaven. Oh look... Little Ava and her traitor monks are trying to evacuate the city. The fools! The time is close... The Doctor, Charlotte, Ryder. They're waiting for us.

(Once at the bridge.)

Xander: Impressive timing, Knack! Now you can watch the destruction of everything you hold dear.

Xander: I think you'll enjoy this.

Ryder: Katrina, about you and me... I'm sorry.

Katrina: Took you long enough.

Katrina: I'm sorry too.

Knack: Lucas, no! What are you doing?!

Xander: Just prolonging the inevitable. Fire when ready, boys!

Knack: Noooooo!

Lucas: I hope this works.

Xander: Got him!

Xander: So much for your know-it-all friend.

Knack: Didn't think it through, did you? Lucas built that plane from robot parts. The same robot parts that power up and transform when they're hit by the artifact.

Knack: Hah! Even time you shoot him, you just make him stronger!

Knack: Time to go, Xander.

Xander: Knack... all this time... it was you... I should have destroyed first. Maybe it takes something like you... to defeat you!

The Ultimate Battle

(After destroying the artifact creation.)

Doctor: That's our boys.

Chairwoman: ...and as Chairwoman of Newhaven, I happily sign this treaty with the monks

Lucas: Ava? I'm sorry.

Ava: It's me who should apologize.

Lucas: You did. A lot. It was me who...

Ava: I've made so many mistakes, and I just...

Lucas: Ava. A friend once told me we all make mistakes. What matters is what you do next.

Ava: Your friend sounds wise beyond his years.

Knack: Why, thank you. You're not so bad yourself.

Ryder: Luke. Buddy. My favorite nephew who stole and wrecked my plane and owes me a big favor. Don't you think Katrina should give me a second chance?

Lucas: Oh no, you are not dragging me into this one.

Ryder: Too late.

Knack: How are you doing?

Ava: You know, I've been following Xander's way for so long I don't know what my way is.

Knack: I know what you mean. I love them and all, but sometimes, I want to know if there's anyone else out there truly like me.

Ava: Maybe it's time to get out there and find out.

Lucas: How's now? Plane's packed.

Knack: Let's get outta here. Don't worry, Ava, you'll find your way.

Ava: I know. You will too.

Lucas: See you soon.

Ava: Yeah.

Ryder: Where do you think they're off to?

Doctor: With those two? It could be anywhere.

Ryder: Mmm... Indubitably.

Lucas: Ready?

Lucas: Let's go find out what's out there.

Lucas (narrating): And that's the story of how Knack and I saved the world... again... right after I almost destroyed it. As for what comes next... who knows? But Knack's always there for me. So if he needs to find out more about himself, count me in. Because, Knack? He's family.

Lucas: Whoohooo!